Vibrant Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free Recipes Featuring Nature’s Most Versatile Ingredient

Written By Nathalie Fraise
Photography By Erin Scott
Published By 10 Speed Press Berkeley

Few foods are as iconic to Hawai’i as the coconut. Most island households are equipped with a machete and T-shaped coconut opener for tapping into this delicious fruit/ nut and accessing the refreshing water and tasty meat inside. But, while Hawai’i is no stranger to the coconut, few of us have explored it as extensively as Nathalie Fraise. In The Whole Coconut Cookbook Fraise shares her intimate knowledge of this multi-faceted plant and supplies recipe after recipe for the at-home cook looking to prepare meals that are as healthy and creative as they are delicious. Beginning with “A Guide To Coconut Ingredients,” Fraise walks us through the various incarnations of coconut (milk, oil, flakes, etc.) and teaches us how to make many of them right at home. She then uses these base ingredients in a series of recipes covering everything from breakfast to dessert, driving home her point that coconut can find a place in any meal, any time of day.