We have been an advertising in edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine since 2011.  They listen to our needs and suggestions and accommodate us in any way that they most possibly can. They take good care of their customers and make you feel like family.  The content of the magazine is informative and refreshing bringing the Hawaiian Islands together as one.  I particularly like that their social media outreach includes their clients and that they introduce us to their different clients to interact.  We could not be happier with their magazine and service and would highly recommend advertising with them.

Jeanne Toulon
Director of Public & Media Relations

edible Hawaiian Islands and Dania Katz first reached out to me over two years ago to come to Maui to judge the Ocean Vodka Cocktail Competition and to create an event with Chef Riko Bartomole of the Montage. The magazine did an exquisite job of covering this event in both images and written word. Dania and the staff of edible Hawaiian Islands embraced me with so much love and respect and have done an incredible job of showcasing what I do and how I have been able to translate that on the Island of Maui and Kauai.

I can’t say enough of their excellence and it is because on Dania, the staff and the magazine that I have returned to do another event on Maui with Hana Ranch and most recently on Kauai with Koloa Rum. I am hooked for life!

Matthew Bianaciello, Cocktail Chef, Author, TV Show Host
Eat Your Drink

edible Hawaiian Islands isn’t just a publication, it’s a community. Through the edible team we’ve made lifelong friends, developed valuable partnerships, and created good food allies from all across the state. They provide a much needed network for farmers, chefs, eaters and advocates in Hawaii.

Olivia Maki
Bio-Logical Capital

At both Under my Umbrella and Pili groups our passion is people. We strive to connect with folks in our community doing go work and hope that together we will collectively make this world a better place. edible Hawaiian Islands reflects and reiterates the importance of this, that passion of a community working together to support one another and to tell the stories of the necessary work being done here in Hawaii. The magazine inspires us, it teaches us, it makes us laugh and sometimes it even makes us cry.  From finding out what’s new in the culinary scene to seeking out new farmers and producers we use the magazine as a resource, and as a tool for education.

Amanda and Mark Noguchi (and ohana)
Under My Umbrella & Pili Group

edible Hawaiian Islands magazine and Dania Katz kick ass, and they’ve been kicking ass for years… Subscribe… or else…

Mark “Gooch” Noguchi
Daddy, Chef/Co-Founder The Pili Group