Tamales: Make Them At Home With Friends & Family

Photography and styling by Adriana Torres Chong
Shot on location at Cookspace Hawaii

Many of us give food as gifts over the holidays. Instead of cookies again, consider something heartier, nourishing, and filled with love: tamales. The masa dough and fillings, wrapped like little gifts themselves, are a custom dating back generations, a ritual of of gathering in the kitchen to make a cherished food eaten and shared throughout the holidays.

O‘ahu chef Adriana Torres Chong, originally from Mexico, adapted her traditional recipe to create an authentic pork tamale using local ingredients. As is often the case, there are as many tamale recipes as there are cooks to make them: sweet, savory, vegetarian, etc. If tamale-making is new to you, here is a step-by-step guide to a new tradition you can bring to your own home.

Inspired to learn more? Catch Adriana’s class, “Mexican Tamales from Start to Finish,” at Cookspace Hawaii on Saturday, October 26. Register at www.cookspacehawaii.com.

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