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Behind The Cover Winter 2015

Each issue’s cover shot is such an important piece of the edible puzzle. It’s our team’s way of inviting new friends to the table and to those returning to share their stories. I love to know who our readers are and why they are a part of the edible family.

For this “EAT” themed issue, my editor really had me step out of my comfort zone by challenging me to delve deep into a sense of intimacy. The concept of pairing intimacy with food could not have been better epitomized than by the image of Chef Jeff Sheer, taken by the talented Meiko Horikoshi. In just one moment, all of the team’s contributions of words and images came together in raw form – and Jeff was such a good sport, allowing me to use this visual of his bare chest exhibiting a gorgeous lilikoi tattoo as the cover shot.

An intimate photograph for an intimate issue, the image signals all of the featured flavors of this innovative issue: Raw, intimate, skin, and pleasure. One of my greatest pleasures is to bring pleasure to the lives of those around me. For me, food is that connection. This issue is my way of tapping into the many other connections that food can create within my Hawaiʻi community.

Please enjoy.