Quick Bites


This new department is designed to showcase some of the creative and delicious things we find as we travel across Hawai‘i. We are storytellers in search of people who are bringing their innovative ideas to life, so if you have something to share, please reach out to us!

We love the coffee from Big Island Coffee Roasters, in fact we drink it often at the office, but when we’re on the go and we need a little boost, we nibble on their new creamy coffee bar, ESPRESSO BITES. Espresso Bites looks like a chocolate bar, but is actually made with 100% Hawaiian coffee beans instead of cacao. Nibble away, or break off a square and melt in hot water, and don’t forget to share! Each bar contains 3 espresso shots.


Beef or venison? We say both! Thanks to products like the Kunoa Hawaiian Grown Beef Bar and Maui Nui Venison Sticks, we don’t all have to be hunters or ranchers in order to enjoy a dose of local protein. Locally sourced, natural, and shelf stable, add these jerkies to your supply of canned goods and you’ll always be prepared. We also pack a few bars and sticks when we travel so we’ve always got a healthy snack at hand, whether we’re at 30,000 feet or at sea level.