‘OHI: How to Gather and Arrange Hawai’i’s Flora

Written By Tamara Rigney
Photography by Mariko Reed

As contrived as this may sound, when I initially set to work on this particular review, I was overcome by the urge to go out into my backyard and forage for flowers instead. This was no mere bout of procrastination, but the book working its intended magic on me. The introduction gently commands readers, “Get outside. Pull inspiration from your surroundings. Keep your clippers handy.” ‘Ohi offers tips on how to find, arrange and preserve a plethora of plants alongside gorgeous photographic examples. O’ahu-based florist Tamara Rigney (founder of Paiko in Kaka’ako) teams up with photographer Mariko Reed to present an artist’s guide not only to the plants of the islands, but to the aesthetic of Hawai’i at large. The photographs in ‘Ohi are like poetry for the eyes; their striking simplicity draws attention to the natural beauty and form of some of Hawai’i’s most common plants, and encourages a new perspective for viewing our surroundings.