NOURISH – The Revitalization of Foodways in Hawaii

This book, NOURISH The Revitalization of Foodways in Hawaii comes out of community passion and the desire to re-root, and re-route, what truly nourishes us in Hawai’i. Tracing foodways allows us to see that so many struggles are interconnected: changing seas and storms, disease patterns, health disparities that follow ethnicity and income levels, the lack and soil in urban areas, the risk of making a living as a small farmer, reliance on barges and pesticides and our disconnections from the food on our plate, our farmers and food service workers, and from our land and water.

This book demonstrates, our struggles demand multiple voices debating challenging, and chorusing over our shared passion for sustainable food, and the courage to re-center nourishment. They require the courage to honor our different experiences, hopes, dreams, and ancestries, while at the same time recognize the roles we have to play together in creating and enacting a larger story about our shared home and futures

Pages: 126

Cover: Soft, Perfect Binding

ISBN: 978-0-9898320-4-5

Size: 10.5” x 8”