Maui Chefs Invitational

View info about the 2017 event here.

While Hawaii is home to many excellent restaurants and boasts a vibrant food culture all its own, our physical distance from the rest of the country can lend a touch of isolation to our culinary experience. The Maui Chefs Invitational promises to breathe a breath of fresh air into Maui’s food scene—how could it not? The Mill House restaurant, led by Executive Chef Jeff Scheer, has invited seven of the nation’s finest chefs to Maui for a week-long meeting-of-the-minds culminating in a three-day culinary event featuring two exclusive Chef’s Table-style dinners and a more informal Sunday afternoon BBQ. With each of the chefs imbuing the event with their own style and expertise the Invitational should result in a culinary collage of epic proportions; a mixing pot of tastes, techniques, and talents.

Many of us are familiar with the Chef’s Table layout, an intimate and interactive dining experience that highlights local ingredients and allows attendees to witness the creation of a multi-course meal before their very eyes. Diners are encouraged to get close to the action, talk with the chefs and ask questions. Geared towards people with a deep passion for food, Chef’s Table provides a creative outlet for top-notch chefs to experiment and showcase their abilities. With eight widely-acclaimed chefs on the roster this collaboration is bound to be nothing short of inspirational.

And the best part? We’re all invited.

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