Local Heroes 2017


Non-Profit focused on Food – Hawai‘i Center for Food Safety, Hawai‘i
Farm/Farmer – Lanipo Farms, Kaua‘i
Chef/Restaurant – Chef/Owner Sheldon Simeon, Tin Roof, Maui
Pastry/Dessert – John Cadman of Pono Pies, Hawai‘i
Beverage Artisan – Kyle Reutner, Brand Manager of Kō Hana Rum, O‘ahu
Food Shop/Farmers Market – Hānai Kaua‘i, Kaua‘i

Photography by: Barry Frankel
Shot on location at The Mill House at The Maui Tropical Plantation, Wāikapu, Maui
Not Pictured: Center for Food Safety and Hānai Kaua‘i

Local Hero Winner for Beverage Artisan Kyle Reutner of Kō Hana Rum

“I have been following Kyle’s career since his began bartending at Town Restaurant in Kaimuki, O‘ahu over 10 years ago. He was really the first bartender on Oahu to serve me cocktails that were as intriguing as the creations I was sampling from mainland mixologists. It was clear that Kyle had a fantastic palate, and a real passion for cocktails. He understands the cocktail community, and is a great liaison between the mixologists and the rum producers. I am so proud of Kyle and the work he is doing with Kō Hana Rum. “

–Julie Reiner Owner, Mixtress Consulting

Local Hero Winner for Farm/Farmer Lanipo Farm, Kaua‘i Bryna Storch Florence Haweo Calvin Toyfuku

“I shop at the farmer’s market and each week and go straight to the Lanipo Farm booth. I have personally been involved in the local food scene on Kaua‘i for over 40 years and it makes my day to see Bryna and her mother each week sharing their farms produce and value added items such as my personal favorite the quoina salad. The bonus is seeing little Florence, too.”

–Terry Sullivan Formally of the Kilauea Farmers Market and edible Hawaiian Islands magazine

Local Hero Winner for Chef/Restaurant Chef/Owner Sheldon Simeon of Tin Roof Maui

“The Love that your family had for food that they wouldn’t even throw out tea just about says a lot about the family that you were raised in, that they would value food so much.”

–Tom Colicchio Bravo Top Chef



Local Hero Winner for Pastry/Dessert Owner John Cadman of Pono Pie, Hawai‘i

“John Cadman creates amazing ‘ulu (breadfruit) pies using the ripe fruit. His Pono Pies take ‘Ulu (breadfruit) to a new culinary level. Also his community love and support is only matched by his delicious ‘ulu creations.”

–Diane Ragone Director Breadfruit Institute, Hawaii


photo: Shanika Aguilar

Local Hero Winner for Non-profit, food focused Hawai’i Center for Food Safety, Left: Danya Hakeem, Program Director for Hawai‘i Center for Food Safety Right: Ashley Lukens, Ph.D., Director for Hawai‘i Center for Food Safety

“One thing that is distinct about the Center for Food Safety is that they are very effective litigators on these issues and no one has more success in raising issues in the courts…”

–Michael Pollan Award-winning author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food

photo: Mallory Francks

Local Hero Winner for Food Shop/Farmers’ Market Chef/Partner Adam Watten of Hānai Kaua‘i

“I personally know that what Chef Adam Watten has done with Hānai Kaua‘i is nothing less than remarkable. His respect for Hawaiian culinary tradition, honoring the land and the sea of Kaua‘i, is extraordinary. The people who live & visit there are very lucky indeed. The term hero is not an overstatement here.”

–Michael Ruhlman an American author, home cook and entrepreneur.