Letter of Aloha

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.09.45 AMWelcome to 2016. Now that the holidays are behind us we can return to our daily lives with the closure of another year and holiday memories tucked away.

The theme of our 2016 winter issue is EAT, a theme we have traced backwards into the past in order to shed light on who we are today. I once read that the most successful people have just one thing in common – family meals. We take a moment to remember the generations that cooked and shared the meals that defined our childhood, and we dutifully carry that tradition on to the next generation.

After living in Hawaii for thirty years it can be challenging to find new food stories to write about. It was only after I was invited to join a group of women who gather monthly to bake bread that I realized the value in talking about some of the old stories. Baking Bread highlights this group of women who call upon tradition and ancestral knowledge to help support their modern day non-profit.

The knowledge to be gleaned from older generations is not limited to merely how we cook, but also how we present and share our food with others. Hospitality is key in creating an enjoyable food experience. Turn to page 48 and read about one of the oldest hotels in the state and how visitors have come to feel like they are returning home, year after year, when they visit the Mauna Kea Hotel on Hawaii Island.

We also visited Kauai and returned with two stories; one about a pair of sisters who have created meaningful work through their value added food businesses, and another of a mother who managed to intertwine the task of raising her child with that of growing her business in a way that has allowed both to flourish.

Whether baking bread or mixing granola, many of us begin our work in the kitchen by reaching for our favorite apron. An apron can be found in nearly every photograph that appears in this issue! In Apron Strings we delve deeper into the history of the apron, paying homage to this critical kitchen accessory.

And lastly, if you are holding this magazine in your hands we ask for your support. We are a subscription-based publication, which means the best way to show your love for edible Hawaiian Islands is by becoming a subscriber. This simple act supports our efforts and those of everyone else who you will find within our pages. Best wishes for health and happiness in 2016.

Dania N. Katz
Publisher / Editor