Letter of Aloha – Spring 2019

FIRST, I WANTED TO SAY MAHALO to all of the subscribers, advertisers and readers who gave us such positive feedback in regards to our four, distinct cover selections for the 2019 Winter issue. We read each email, listened to each voice mail, and appreciated each time you stopped us in person to share how much you loved the four different covers.

I started the new year looking at our office space and feeling like we needed to lighten our load, refresh our space and to say goodbye to things that were holding us back and weighing us down. Boxes of items were donated, recycled or shared and now the space is clean and compact. How many of you join me in really taking the term spring cleaning to heart?

We have been focused on asking you to share the magazine, and inviting as many people as possible to become subscribers, and we are in gratitude to each of you for helping us share the message of edible Hawaiian Islands. Please continue to help us in this way so we can reach our 2019 goals of sharing the magazine with even more new readers.

Tucked into this issue of the magazine you will find a gift for you between pages 34/35. It’s our 6th annual Hawaii Farm Guide. What once was a labor of love has turned into a valuable resource guide for everyone looking for a TRUE farmers’ market across the state. Please be inspired to take a farm tour or seek another way to connect with the farming community. And don’t forget to mark your calendars now for our 2019 Farm Day on Saturday May 18, 2019.