Letter of Aloha

You are holding in your hands an example of political power – a local food & drink magazine. We are a quarterly publication, and the last time I had an opportunity to write my Letter of Aloha was in early winter before the full effects of our election had been felt. Now, a couple months later, reflection has made certain things clear.

We engage in our community in a way that most publications can’t imagine. We put on rubber boots and walk the land with farmers. We swing by the back door at restaurants, listen and talk story. We visit as many farmers’ markets as possible and then invite friends and neighbors into our own home kitchens for healthy, locally-sourced meals. My point is that, while we may feel upset and powerless in the face of the national political climate, moping negativity and divisive attitudes will get us nowhere. Now is the time to focus on our immediate surroundings, zero-in on our own communities, and unify. We need to dig in locally and support local business – it’s more important now than ever before. Act, do something positive, and bring your friends and family along.

This season marks the fifteen-year anniversary of the edible publication. It started as a way to connect a community through local food, and quickly grew to become a network of food-awareness that fed back into itself, strengthening and supporting the community as a whole throughout North America. We proudly share the story of edible’s birth through the words of Marion Nestle.

Ten years ago this summer we brought this same message to Hawaii when edible Hawaiian Islands was born. Each year we ask you, the community, to share with us who you feel our LOCAL HEROES are throughout the state. The votes are in and we are proud to highlight folks who embody the qualities we at edible hold dear and respect. So please, support their efforts, visit them and bring your friends. We are grateful for their hard work and commitment to our community.

In this issue we share stories about two crops you may not immediately associate with Hawaii: vanilla and cashews. We also introduce a new industry that we predict will change fine dining in Hawaii (so if you are a talented chef with a head for business your opportunity awaits!). PLUS we are excited to share our 4th annual Hawaii Farm Guide – save it and use it all year long.

Start supporting local by subscribing to edible Hawaiian Islands today. We would appreciate your support so we can continue bringing you the latest in what’s fresh and local to our community– hopefully for another ten years to come!

With aloha,
Dania Novack Katz
Publisher / Editor