Letter of Aloha

Since June 2003, when edible Hawaiian Islands delivered its first printed issue, our mission has remained the same. We have always been focused on growing, cooking, eating and drinking locally sourced food, connecting the dots between our island home, and sharing what we find through stories and beautiful photography.

We have seen massive changes in the last 10+ years with regards to our economy, community and political landscape. Yet our readers still crave the same from us – to learn how to grow, cook, and share food. In the face of our ever-changing world, the sharing has become more important than ever.

From a personal perspective, I have watched my family grow and disperse. My keiki are now young adults seeking to create their own lives and memories, but we all still strive to connect – to feel we are part of something larger and more important than our individual existence. edible Hawaiian Islands needs to grow and change, too. Starting in 2019, we will be moving more towards a subscription-based publication, as that has always been our business model. You will also see physical changes to the look and feel of the magazine. We are proud that our growth-spurt has extended to include community events through Lawe Lawe Hawaii, an organization with a purpose driven mission: to encourage our community to grow, cook and share together. Now more than ever before we need to dig deep, go hyper-local and vote with our fork in order to save the things that are near and dear to us.

Thank you, as always, to our subscribers, readers and advertisers.

With aloha,
Dania Novack-Katz