Letter Of Aloha – Summer 2014

Dania Katz, Publisher edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine COOK. It’s a skill, an art, an act of love. If you like to eat, it matters. Our job this issue is to inspire you to cook. It does not need to be complicated or complex; just find a recipe in these pages and simply cook.
This summer I’ve got my mind on barbecuing with family and friends in the backyard or outside at the beach. We do it all year ‘round here in the islands, but somehow, in the heat of summer it’s different. I’m always looking for new ideas, which is why I love our feature on easy summer entertaining with private chef Jana McMahon. Be sure to read her advice; I learned a number of good tips and have already brought a few of her delicious recipes to my home table.
Most people would assume that my kitchen is fancy and full of the latest cooking gadgets. The truth is, all I have is a set of good knives, a few quality pots and pans, and an overused coffeemaker. (Okay, and a secret obsession for artisanal cutting boards—I’m revealing my current favorite here in this issue!) I love preparing simple, clean food, and to do so I rely on excellent knife skills and little else.
James Beard said, “Next to hands, the most important tool in the kitchen is a good knife.” We asked acclaimed Hawai‘i food writer, Wanda Adams, to talk to the pros and bring back some useful words on what, exactly, this means for the needs of us home cooks. Turns out it’s nothing fancy. No, really.
Given the spirit of the summer, we had to heat things up a bit. In these pages is our HOTTEST centerfold yet. It’s saucy, spicy and guaranteed to shake up how you are serving grilled meats, fresh fruit, even ice cream.
As we celebrate our 8th year publishing Edible Hawaiian Islands, I’m thrilled to continue sharing stories and following our food passions across the islands. I want to give thanks to each of our readers, and to everyone that contributes to creating this publication: every writer, photographer, designer, stylist and salesperson. And to each and every one of our advertisers, mahalo nui loa! It is only with your support that this magazine is possible.


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