KALE & CARAMEL: Recipes for Body, Heart, and Table

Written and Photographed By Lily Diamond
Published By Atria Paperback

Maui-raised Lily Diamond understands the connection between emotion and sensual perception; her new work Kale & Caramel is more than just a cookbook, it’s a study in sense memory. An extension of her popular food blog, kaleandcaramel.com, the book is an ode to the herbs and flowers that have perfumed Diamond’s life since childhood. Categorized by plant, each recipe begins with the recounting of a unique memory tied to that dish, a tactic that lends real personality and readability to the book. The tone alternates between poetic, sassy, and narrative as Diamond presents memories of heartbreak, friendship, grief, and healing structured around the tastes and smells that defined them. Writing style aside, Diamond’s recipes are enviously unique without being complicated or pretentious. In fact, Kale & Caramel is full of so many quizzical yet immediately appealing flavor combinations it’s hard to decide which recipe to make first! And we’re not just talking food here; Diamond also includes several simple recipes for DIY beauty products with a focus on pure, clean ingredients. So whether you feel like branching out in the kitchen, sprucing up your medicine cabinet selection, or just reading something honest and invigorating, Kale & Caramel is the perfect cookbook to add to your collection this spring.