Recipe and photography courtesy of Jana McMahon, Maui’s Private Chef 

Serves 10


Pastry for 2 crust pie 

1 medium to large pineapple 

2 eggs, slightly beaten 

1 cup cane sugar 

2 tablespoons cornstarch 

1 tablespoon grated lime zest 

3 tablespoon passion fruit pulp 

1/8 teaspoon salt 


> Cut peeled and cored pineapple into bite-size chunks. 

> Place eggs in a bowl and beat in sugar, cornstarch, lime zest, passion fruit puree and salt. Add pineapple chunks to wet mixture. 

> Turn into pastry-lined 9” pie pan. Adjust top crust; flute edges and cut vents. I like to use the extra pastry dough and make a pineapple cut out on top of the crust. Brush top of pie with egg wash. 

> Bake at 425F for approximately 45 minutes. 

> Check this pie about halfway through to assure the edges aren’t too brown. If so, make a foil collar and cover the edges for the rest of the bake time.