Pastry chef Betty McDonald grew up in Rhode Island baking with her mom and grandmothers. “I definitely come from a family that LOVES to eat,” she says. “We are always discussing our next meal! And now I get to share some of my family recipes with others.”

Her husband’s charter boat captain/fishing guide career took them to the keys of Florida, the bush camps of Alaska, and finally Lahaina, Maui eight years ago. She worked in award-winning restaurants for several years before venturing out on her own. Today she runs the wholesale bakery, B3 “A Beach Bunny Bakery.” McDonald caters to Kīhei and Maui’s west side, creating beautiful, palate-pleasing treats for customers and catering weddings and other special events. She’s also a volunteer chef for the Maui Kids Cook With Heart program.

What is your tattoo?

In the elaborate full sleeve on her left arm, there’s a green KitchenAid mixer at the top outer shoulder spilling out pink cream in Japanese style waves. Cupcakes, cupcake pans, and eggs cover her upper arm, with a cherry pie tucked in her inner elbow and a sifter, rolling pin, and measuring spoons on her lower arm. Cherries, strawberries, and chocolates are weaved throughout.

When did you get it?

She got the entire work of art from March to June in 2012, care of a Lahaina tattoo artist.

What was the inspiration?

After admiring a friend’s full sleeve made up of traditional Japanese wave and flowers, she knew she wanted something similar, but tailored to her love of sweets and baking. In the design, she decided to include a jar of jam as a special shoutout to her friend, who is named Jamille.


In our 2015 Winter “Skin” issue, edible Hawaiian Islands ran a story called “Culinary Ink,” featuring five incredible local personalities with food-related tattoos. It became one of our most popular issues to date, but we regretted the fact that we didn’t get a chance to highlight any inked women (though not for lack of trying!). This is the long overdue follow-up, where we showcase ladies from four islands who love food so much they’ve creatively stamped themselves with captivating foodie artwork.