Photography by Barry Frankel
Recipe Adapted from edible Hawaiian Islands
Ask most keiki (children) about their first foray into pancake making, and many will remember Bisquick playing a central role. Once sold in a box, Bisquick now comes in a wide-mouth, easy-pour container. It’s a perfect opportunity to turn breakfast into dinner by adding a few ingredients.
Course: Breakfast, Main Course, Pupu, Side Dish


  • Griddle


  • 1 10.6 oz. Shake ‘n Pour Bisquick
  • Cups Water
  • 1 5 oz. Can Corn
  • Canned Green Chilies
  • Dried Parsley
  • Chili Flakes


  • Follow label instructions, adding your chosen ingredients to the wet mix. Pour and cook on a flat griddle.
  • Add corn, green chilies, chili flakes, and drizzle with honey for a Southwestern flavor.
  • Try replacing water with canned coconut milk, adding coconut flakes and crushed macadamia nuts, and serving with coconut syrup or try adding finely chopped apples, walnuts, and cinnamon and topping with applesauce.