Cooking Fresh with Sous-Chef Allan Nagun

His cuisine is featured at the Bay Terrace Restaurant.

Chef Allan Nagun, sous-chef at Bay Terrace at Mauna Lani Bay, is known for his poke, almost more than any other dish on his menus. While he often experiments with modern takes on this popular Hawaiian pupu, it’s his traditional poke that earns him acclaim, including being recognized as “the one to beat” at the annual Hawai`i Island Festival poke competition.

Chef Nagun has access to superior-quality yellowfin tuna found in the warm waters of the Pacific along the Kona coast. He predominantly combines his poke with Hawaiian sea salt, limu (seaweed), shoyu, sesame oil, Hawaiian chili pepper, ginger and `inamona (roasted, ground kukui nut).

Chef Nagun started developing poke dishes in his childhood, based on the best and freshest ingredients available. In addition to yellowfin tuna, his poke creations feature tako (octopus), lomi salmon and even tofu poke. As when he was a child, still today he draws inspiration from the different ethnic groups that comprise Hawai`i’s culture, whether it’s incorporating Korean kimchee sauces or Chinese flavors such as sesame oil.

While Chef Nagun loves the opportunity to express his creativity through food, he is a firm believer that when you have superior-quality ingredients, you don’t have to do much to them.

Poke is more than just a delicious pupu, he believes. It’s a celebration of Hawaiian culture that continues to evolve. It’s synonymous with the Hawaiian values of sharing with friends and family.


Chef Allan Nagun only lists the ingredients, as the art of his poke is balancing the ingredients with the texture of the fresh catch he is preparing his poke from.



• Large-dice ahi

• Limu kohu

• Hawaiian salt

• Opihi (limpets)

• Tako (octopus)

• Uni (sea urchin)



• Medium-dice ahi

• Sweet soy glaze

• Jalapeño peppers

• Tobiko (fish eggs)

• Maui onion

• Green onion

• Crushed Hawaiian chili

• Togarashi



• Shredded daikon

• Green onion

• Yuzu-flavored tobiko

• Kaiware sprouts

• Togarashi

• Ponzu sauce