1. How important is sourcing locally made oil to your business for self sustainability factor?

Excited to have a locally made oil.  Enjoy sharing all locally produced product with clients.

Concerned about the high omega 6 fats in the sunflower oil, but can off set that by consciously combining the food prepared with the high omega 6 oil with a high omega 3 in-gredient.

2. How did you use the oil? Be specific to sunflower oil or macadamia nut oil.

Sunflower oil made some super delicious Molokai purple sweet potato chips. Complimented them with a high omega 3 dip with walnuts, sardines, olive oil, lemon, garlic and salt.

Macadamia nut oil made a beautiful salad dressing. Paired the macadamia nut oil with fresh passionfruit juice, rice wine vinegar, honey and sea salt. Also made a really good simple sherry vinaigrette with the macadamia nut oil.

3. Please describe the macadamia nut oil and sunflower oil’s appearance, scent, texture, and taste, both raw and cooked. One or two word descriptions are fine. If acer-tain quality stands out, please elaborate. 

Sunflower oil: clean taste, subtle sunflower seed scent and flavor.

Macadamia Nut oil: more viscous, umami scent and flavor from nut flavor profile. Both oils have a predominate nut like flavor.

4. Did you find anything surprising about the oils?

No surprises. Sunflower oil is very versatile.


Chef Jana McMahon has owned a Maui-based private chef business for 15 years, specializing in locally sourced Hawaiian ingredients and food restricted diets. Jana’s food philosophy is quality ingredients make good food. Simply beautiful meals are created from fresh beautiful ingredients which allows the food to sing. Chef Jana also works at a non-profit which teaches and advocates for people touched by autism by creating 365 days of healthy whole food-based menus. Obesity rates went from 80% to 18% within 20 months of implementing the menus. Jana’s YouTube Channel, Jana Eats, debuts June 2018. The cooking show will showcase delicious, healthy gluten and dairy free foods for people with auto-immune issues and autism. Jana currently has a live streaming TV show, Cooking with Jana, on The Autism Channel and co-stars with her autistic sidekick, Jason Brummett. Cooking with Jana was recently selected by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines to be included on the ship’s in-cabin video feed. Chef Jana is a degreed horticulturalist, a Hawaii Master Gardener, a beekeeper, and grows organic produce and herbs for her clients’ meals. She also has her own laying hens. She is a founding member of Slow Food Maui, and a member of the Women Chefs & Restauranteurs Association.