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Behind The Cover Summer 2014



We usually have a few guidelines for selecting the cover of each issue. It should be edible and it should reflect Hawaii. We also like to have it reflect the theme of the issue and for summer 2014 it’s COOK.

Well, it seems like we were successful with all three, weren’t we?

The cover for all you photo geeks out there was shot with an iphone 5 in the late afternoon with no other bells or whistles. It was a bbq in the front yard. We were riffing off the refrigerator, as our chef friend Jana McMahon describes it and we had an overripe Maui Gold pineapple on the bottom shelf. We cut it in half and threw it on the coals. First facedown in the grill then removed the grill and set it in the coals.

The pineapple started singing, literally. It was probably the cold pineapple on the super hot coals it started making these sweet sounds. So get out there and cook something this summer. Nothing fancy or complicated – just simply cook. I added a simple recipe to inspire you further.



  • Maui Gold Pineapple
  • 4 Tablespoons Local Honey
  • 2 Tablespoons Local Lemon or Lime Juice
  • Fresh Ground Black Pepper to Taste

Peel, Cut & Core Pineapple

In a small bowl, combine honey, lemon or lime, and black pepper. Brush the glaze onto each slice of pineapple, coating completely.

Preheat BBQ grill. Oil the grill rack. Place pineapple wedges on the grill and cook for about 3-4 minutes on each side until the pineapple becomes fragrant. NOTE: Don’t overcook the pineapple spear. Watch carefully or they will burn.

Remove from the grill and brush with any additional glaze one more time. Serve and enjoy!

Note: The grilled pineapple can be kept at room temperature for up to 8 hours. Re-warm before serving.

Makes 6 servings

Behind The Cover Spring 2014

EHI_Spring 14_cover final (no bleed) copy

We take selecting the cover of each issue to heart. We like the cover to be edible in some way and to reflect Hawai’i.


Many times the cover is obvious, meaning as we are putting the magazine together the cover image emerges and it’s just completely obvious. Not a word needs to be spoken – it’s like a secret language that we all know and we give each other that look and a head nod.


Other times we struggle. We can’t find that perfect image. Sometimes we have several images to choose from and we haggle. Each of us getting louder as we pitch our reasons why our selection is the best choice.


Sometimes we allow others to have their say and acquiesce to another. And that’s what happened with our Spring 2014 cover. The sunflower photograph was taken by Kirk Michael Surry of, A Maui based non-profit that is really creating positive change in the community through public school gardens.


The image slowly grew on me. And the more I looked at the bight yellow color and abstract quality the more I fell in love with the image. But it took me quite a while to get to a place of letting go.


Mainly the lesson for me was that I’m not always right but if I allow room for others to share their opinion and create a creative place that it always works out.

Behind the Cover: Winter 2014

edible Hawaiian Islands magazine Winter 2014 Sharing stories about delicious food is one of my greatest pleasures, especially when I can add a mouthwatering photograph that is served along side. Each issue of edible Hawaiian Islands is a dream come true for me and without a doubt with all our devoted readers.

Most people know how much I love social media along with the printed magazine. The combination of the two is a winning dish. And selecting the cover is a huge responsibility that I really enjoy. I do have set guidelines that it needs to reflect Hawaii, local food and tell a story in one image.

I start my day by getting inspired on instagram. And have a few favorite instagrammers that I follow religiously. Takes just a moment to peek at their image feed and I’m satiated just like after eating a good meal.

One day I was peeking at one of my favorite instagram artist Ja Soon Kim (@OMJSK). Her images just speak to me. She lives in Santa Fe, NM and travels occasionally to Hawaii. She’s Korean and creates such beauty with nature’s offerings it takes my breath away. One morning I shared her images and tagged Sara Smith, managing editor for edible Hawaiian Islands. Sara was born and raised here in Hawaii.

To really explain how some things are just meant to happen, after I tagged Sara in one of Ja Soon’s images Sara called me and said that Ja Soon was her aunt. It was amazing that the social media circle was that happenstance. Out of billions of people on instagram I had a direct connection to one of my favorite artists.

So the simple and amazing story of behind the cover of our winter 2014 issue is the intersection of family, connections and how some things are just meant to be.


Behind the Cover: Fall 2013

EHI Fall 2013 CoverOne of the aspects about being connected to a food magazine is the incredible people you meet along the way. I have so much respect for people that are growing, cooking, ranching and fishing for our food – not a meal goes by where I don’t stop, pause and whisper a word of thanks.

One family that always bring a delicious sigh to my breath is Dave & Tina Fitch of Malama Farms. Just read their story. I’m humbled at people that are motivated by an idea then simply get it done.

The photograph on the cover is the Fitch family sitting down to share a simple meal after a photo shoot on their farm. Yes, we moved that picnic table over a few feet to capture the barn in the background. But their story and family was captured perfectly in this photograph.

The entire process was natural and organic. Please note the wreath hanging on the barn window. I am in gratitude to Sara Smith, managing editor of edible Hawaiian Islands, Anuhea Farms for allowing us to come create the wreath on their Makawao Farm and to Kristy Copperfield, photographer who was a pleasure to work with. And we can’t forget all thank all the pigs that are connected to Malama Farms.


Behind the Cover: Summer 2013

EHI Summer 2013 Cover EHI Summer 2013 CoverOur summer issue is all about fish in Hawaii. From throwing net in the traditional Hawaiian style to restoring ancient fish ponds to a few simple easy to make poke recipes.

This issue was my very first as a publisher. I knew the cover image was very important, just like when you step out for the first time into public with a new role in life.

I tend to be pretty easy going. I know what I like when I see it, or when I taste it. I don’t wavier much and totally trust my instincts. What about you?

I had seen a few photographs taken by a chef friend who is also an avid fisherman.

Simply a string of 7 fish, all different colors and sizes caught on a line then placed on the ground as he documented his prize. Simple, unorganized and natural. The only problem was the image was not high resolution so the search continued.

I started to run out of time to find the perfect cover for the issue. Until one morning searching my computer I cam across some beautiful seaweed and that started my journey to learn more about limu, Hawaiian for seaweed. Then I saw the perfect image. Green, edible and perfect for the cover. No second guessing.