Behind the Cover – 2015 Fall

cover2015fall-LargeApproximately 2 years ago, one of our advertisers, chef Jana McMahon shared one of her favorite @Instagram accounts with edible Hawaiian Islands.  In a casual conversation over lunch we went back and forth sharing feeds that inspired us.

That lunch we discovered the @Instagram acccount of Sporting Club of the Pacific (@SportingClubofthePacific). We fell in love with their posts and started following and engaging.

Here, two years later we are proud to be able to not only feature them on our cover but also to share their incredible story within our pages. Our relationship and friendship has grown over the past two years and you never know where or when meeting someone through social media will change the course of your business and your life.

We found a good fit for Sporting Club’s story in our first drink inspired issue. We try and match the writer with the story through personally knowing our writers and what they are passionate about. Thank you Kristin Hetternmann of Grace Delivers for sharing your writing talents.

Then we needed a photographer to tell the story through compelling photographs. We felt it would be good to turn to @Instagram again and find someone who was talented with black and white photography. We found Franck Berthout (@FRANKIEBEES) on @Instagram. And as it turns out he was also a big fan of Sporting Club of the Pacific.

So, it all came together with the right story at the right time with the perfect writer and photographer.

If on Maui or when you come to visit, we encourage you to take time from your day and visit:

Sporting Club of the Pacific
43 Hana Highway
Paia, Maui HI 96779