Behind the Cover: Winter 2014

edible Hawaiian Islands magazine Winter 2014 Sharing stories about delicious food is one of my greatest pleasures, especially when I can add a mouthwatering photograph that is served along side. Each issue of edible Hawaiian Islands is a dream come true for me and without a doubt with all our devoted readers.

Most people know how much I love social media along with the printed magazine. The combination of the two is a winning dish. And selecting the cover is a huge responsibility that I really enjoy. I do have set guidelines that it needs to reflect Hawaii, local food and tell a story in one image.

I start my day by getting inspired on instagram. And have a few favorite instagrammers that I follow religiously. Takes just a moment to peek at their image feed and I’m satiated just like after eating a good meal.

One day I was peeking at one of my favorite instagram artist Ja Soon Kim (@OMJSK). Her images just speak to me. She lives in Santa Fe, NM and travels occasionally to Hawaii. She’s Korean and creates such beauty with nature’s offerings it takes my breath away. One morning I shared her images and tagged Sara Smith, managing editor for edible Hawaiian Islands. Sara was born and raised here in Hawaii.

To really explain how some things are just meant to happen, after I tagged Sara in one of Ja Soon’s images Sara called me and said that Ja Soon was her aunt. It was amazing that the social media circle was that happenstance. Out of billions of people on instagram I had a direct connection to one of my favorite artists.

So the simple and amazing story of behind the cover of our winter 2014 issue is the intersection of family, connections and how some things are just meant to be.