Behind the Cover: Summer 2013

EHI Summer 2013 Cover EHI Summer 2013 CoverOur summer issue is all about fish in Hawaii. From throwing net in the traditional Hawaiian style to restoring ancient fish ponds to a few simple easy to make poke recipes.

This issue was my very first as a publisher. I knew the cover image was very important, just like when you step out for the first time into public with a new role in life.

I tend to be pretty easy going. I know what I like when I see it, or when I taste it. I don’t wavier much and totally trust my instincts. What about you?

I had seen a few photographs taken by a chef friend who is also an avid fisherman.

Simply a string of 7 fish, all different colors and sizes caught on a line then placed on the ground as he documented his prize. Simple, unorganized and natural. The only problem was the image was not high resolution so the search continued.

I started to run out of time to find the perfect cover for the issue. Until one morning searching my computer I cam across some beautiful seaweed and that started my journey to learn more about limu, Hawaiian for seaweed. Then I saw the perfect image. Green, edible and perfect for the cover. No second guessing.