Behind The Cover Spring 2014

EHI_Spring 14_cover final (no bleed) copy

We take selecting the cover of each issue to heart. We like the cover to be edible in some way and to reflect Hawai’i.


Many times the cover is obvious, meaning as we are putting the magazine together the cover image emerges and it’s just completely obvious. Not a word needs to be spoken – it’s like a secret language that we all know and we give each other that look and a head nod.


Other times we struggle. We can’t find that perfect image. Sometimes we have several images to choose from and we haggle. Each of us getting louder as we pitch our reasons why our selection is the best choice.


Sometimes we allow others to have their say and acquiesce to another. And that’s what happened with our Spring 2014 cover. The sunflower photograph was taken by Kirk Michael Surry of, A Maui based non-profit that is really creating positive change in the community through public school gardens.


The image slowly grew on me. And the more I looked at the bight yellow color and abstract quality the more I fell in love with the image. But it took me quite a while to get to a place of letting go.


Mainly the lesson for me was that I’m not always right but if I allow room for others to share their opinion and create a creative place that it always works out.