Behind the Cover: Fall 2013

EHI Fall 2013 CoverOne of the aspects about being connected to a food magazine is the incredible people you meet along the way. I have so much respect for people that are growing, cooking, ranching and fishing for our food – not a meal goes by where I don’t stop, pause and whisper a word of thanks.

One family that always bring a delicious sigh to my breath is Dave & Tina Fitch of Malama Farms. Just read their story. I’m humbled at people that are motivated by an idea then simply get it done.

The photograph on the cover is the Fitch family sitting down to share a simple meal after a photo shoot on their farm. Yes, we moved that picnic table over a few feet to capture the barn in the background. But their story and family was captured perfectly in this photograph.

The entire process was natural and organic. Please note the wreath hanging on the barn window. I am in gratitude to Sara Smith, managing editor of edible Hawaiian Islands, Anuhea Farms for allowing us to come create the wreath on their Makawao Farm and to Kristy Copperfield, photographer who was a pleasure to work with. And we can’t forget all thank all the pigs that are connected to Malama Farms.