Behind the Cover – 2017 Winter

Happy New Year!  As you are an avid reader of edible Hawaiian Islands you know that we take time and really made a connection to what goes on the cover of each issue as well as within our delicious pages. Our 2017 winter issue is no different. In fact we are so pleased with our cover but can’t take all the credit. This is the story from Behind the Cover.

A few years ago, our team at edible Hawaiian Islands travelled to Hawai’i Island to eat and explore the island, seeking editorial stories, new advertisers and hoping to discover the hidden jewels that no one knows about and to we also like to make  new friends.

Our team was in Honoka’a, a quaint little town with plenty of mom and pop stores, a pie shop,  sprinkled with a few art galleries. And one very zen juice shop.

We always appreciate excellent customer service when we travel too, don’t you? Well, we stumbled into this juice shop and clearly we were parched, a bit tired and ready to engage.  Even though the juice shop had not quite opened for business we were welcomed by Brian Otting, He smiled and we knew we wanted to be friends and we also knew that he was special. He inspired us, shared his passions for health and was so authentic. We stayed in touch and watched him grow his business.

Fast forward 2 years, Brian moved his shop from Honoka’a to Waimea/Kamuela and well, many people now know what we first discovered.

Our 2017 winter cover is sponsored by Kohana Wai ( and the photo came from their inspiration, their liquid nutrition. If you are lucky enough to live on Hawai’i Island (or they can ship anywhere you live in Hawai’i) – go to their store and you will be greeted, educated and empowered to seek more for your heath…and we predict you will even depart making new friends. Don’t forget to ask for Brian and tell him that his friends at edible sent you.