Behind the Cover – 2017 Spring

I often feel that the cover is one of the most important decisions we make here at the edible Hawaiian Islands office. I have an advisory team of very smart, creative and helpful folks who share their opinion, freely.

Choosing the cover for the spring issue is always a double job because, with our added Hawaii Farm Guide insert, there are actually two covers to select. Do you think it’s double the pleasure or twice as much work?

It’s a pleasure and an honor, in my opinion.

Let’s start with the Hawaii Farm Guide. I had this cover image tucked away in my files for over two years. Finding the photographer to ask permission and to give credit was the most work. It’s an aerial image of a real working farm (Kumu Farms), restaurant (The Mill House) and thriving business in Wailuku, Hawaii. In fact, The Maui Tropical Plantation is the oldest working farm in the state of Hawaii and once was King Kamehameha’s farm for feeding most of Maui.  Finally after many emails and phone calls we located the photographer and he gave us permission.

Our magazine cover is another story. I had selected four different covers but none of them seems to capture the energy or focus of the issue. I reached out to several other professionals seeking input. Nothing felt right, looked right, or fit the criteria.

Then on our last day, last hour and last minute we found the image! The cover image must evoke springtime, fit our theme of GROW and be edible. Can you tell me what the image is?

A special thank you goes to Albert Boyce, Maui Aerial Photography, Dawn Sakamoto and my incredible team Michelle T.M. Lee, the folks at DUKA Inc., Sinead Byrne, Shelly Ronen, Gabe Marihugh and Scott Johnson.