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Manele Bay Lanai

Images immediately come to mind of crystal clear water, fragrant scented air and exotic foods, and of course, the relaxed island lifestyle.

In years past, these islands were sustainable and supported several hundred thousand inhabitants. Fast forward 60+ years we have become dependent on importing well over 80% of our food consumed.

Today we are seeing a shift in experience – as well as the rest of the United States. However to those of us in Hawai‘i, because of our remote geographical location, becoming self-sustaining has a much deeper meaning both culturally and spiritually.

The mission of edible Hawaiian Islands is to “talk story”: a local term meaning to verbally share stories between visitors, friends and ‘ohana. We intend to share the stories of people who are growing, farming, ranching, fishing, and cooking our food. Our stories will be told through stunning photography, beautiful art and well-written stories that inspire the reader and uplift an entire community.

We invite you, our contributors and readers, to join in our journey. Together, through exploring locally-sourced food , let’s shift our storytelling and sustain our island home.

About AAF Hawaii

The Pele Awards is one of fifteen National District Competitions for the American Advertising Awards (also known as the ADDYs). The Pele Gold winners in all national categories are sent to the National Finals of the American Advertising Awards Competition to represent District 13.

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edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine
Dania Novack Katz—Publisher
Daryl Fujiwara—Designer

TNB Announces Social Media Award Winners

Technology News Bytes, which organized the third annual Hawaii Social Media Summit, announced the names of 15 winners of its “Social Media Awards.”

The awards “honor those who have impacted social media in our community in a significant way…. and exemplify social media innovation in business,” according to a TNB release.  “Nominees must have dynamic personalities that attract others to them, and must be experts at interacting with and maintaining their audience in the cutting-edge field of social media.”

Dania Novack Katz
Dania of edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine is a social media force to be reckoned with, building successful social media campaigns for Hawai’i’s food scenes and even launched her own pop-up restaurant, KupuMaui with all the buzz being driven by Twitter and Twitvite.

Members of Edible Communities create editorially rich, community-based, local-foods publications in distinct culinary regions throughout the United States and Canada. Through our magazines, websites, and community events, we connect our readers with family farmers, chefs, and food artisans of all kinds.
Edible Communities is a for-profit, member-driven corporation — individuals who own our publications are local-foods advocates and residents of the communities they publish in — a business model that not only supports our values, but also preserves the integrity of our member publications and the communities we serve.

In 2011, Edible Communities magazines were proudly recognized as the first ever recipients of the James Beard Foundation’s Publication of the Year Award.