2019 WINTER – Behind the Cover

Beginning with the 2019 Winter issue, we will be selecting individual covers for each of the four main Hawaiian Islands, as we seek to reaffirm our commitment to sharing culinary stories from across the islands in Hawaii’s only statewide food and drink magazine.

Kauai. This photo was selected because it shows a flooded taro field in Hanalei that is significant to the editorial in this issue. The massive rainfall and flooding that occurred in this area of Kauai in the spring of 2018 sparked many meaningful conversations about food security, and the intersection of self-sufficiency and community.

Hawaii Island.  We wanted to show the lava flow and the direct effects this natural disaster had on the surrounding farming community. We understand that this papaya farm was spared by the lava flow, but the residual poor air quality damaged most of the trees. During the most recent lava flow, over 80% of Hawaii Island’s papaya farms were damaged.

Maui. During our statewide travels we shop, meet people, eat, and poke around in search of inspiration. Shelly Ronen, our director of sales, turned us on to a Lahaina store called, Goin Left. From solar powered, hand-crank radios to surf-wear to coconut keys, this eclectic store stocks all sorts of useful items we would need in our next disaster. Stop by and pick up a giant machete- and tell them we sent you!

Oahu. This coconut braved a wildfire; when we cracked open the charred exterior we were delighted to see that the interior was perfectly fine. We reflected on this plant’s ability to withstand intense wind, rain, and fire, and wanted to learn more about what makes the coconut so good at surviving. We loved the look of this burnt coconut, and it reminded us of life in the city.