2015 Summer – Behind the Cover

Cover Summer 2015Cover Credit: 12th Ave Grill
Photo Credit: Denise Luke

Our summer issue cover is intended to inspire everyone to COOK, which is also the theme of our issue. Mahalo to 12th Ave Grill in Honolulu for sharing their photograph and recipe.

Cedar Plank Salmon and Scallops with Beer Battered Avocado

1/2 fresh ripe avocado cut into quarters.
Season all sides with salt & pepper and lightly dredge in all purpose flour. Set aside.

Beer Batter
1/4 cup high gluten flour
1/8 cup all purpose flour
1/8 cup corn starch
1tablespoon baking powder
1 12 oz bottle good pilsner or lager beer
Salt & pepper

Mix all dry ingredients.
Add beer and mix untill just incorporated. Don’t over mix.
Should look like thin pancake batter w little lumps.
Season 3 oz. piece king salmon with sea salt and ground pink peppercorns.
Place salmon on one half of cedar plank and roast for 3-5 min depending on the thickness.
Season and sear top only of 2 u-8 scallops and place in other side of plank and continue roasting untill both are mid rare. About 2 more minutes.

While seafood is roasting, dip avocado into beer batter and fry in 350 degree oil
untill crispy and golden.
Drain on paper towels.

(Make in advance).
2 fresh egg yolks
4 dashes tobacco
1 dash Worcestershire
2 tablespoons fresh grapefruit juice
4 fresh grapefruit suprems diced
1 teaspoon fresh grated horseradish
1 cup clarified butter.
S&p to taste.

Over double boiler whisk egg yolks untill pale yellow add tobacco, worchestrahire, horseradish, and grapefruit juice while whisking constantly.

SLOWLY drizzle clarified butter while continually whisking untill emulsified. Season w s&p.
Add grapefruit just before serving.

Toss red vein sorrel or baby arugula with good evoo and season with sea salt.

When seafood is done add avocado to plank.

Spoon holandaise over salmon and add greens.

Sprinkle with more ground pink peppercorns.